E-347: Empathy

• November 22nd, 2020

Zumanity Closes, Resorts World Hiring, Wynnless Wynn and "E" @Cosmopolitan FHE

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PCP - 360 Vintage Vegas: Boyd Gaming

• November 21st, 2020

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Sam Boyd was a gambler at heart.  Once he discovered his passion for games of chance, he studied them feverously, learning that in every game, the advantage was always in the houses favor.  So Sam decided the best way to gamble was to be the house.  And that’s how his career in gaming began.  Sam’s son Bill was encouraged from a young age to get an education.  So he did and became a lawyer but eventually the father and son would join forces and become a team that grew into one of the most respected gaming companies in the world.  Factor in their inherent desire to do the right thing and give back to the community, and you instantly start to suspect there’s more to the story than what you’re being told.  But dig as deep as you like, there’s no more.  The story of Sam, Bill and Boyd Gaming may be one of the greatest American success stories in history and overwhelming proof that sometimes, nice guys finish first.

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E-346: Stripper Mask

• November 15th, 2020

Circus Buffet Closing, Downtown Archway, Rio Reopening, Covid Tourist Infection, Wynn Robot Dog, Nebulaz Coming to Circus Circus and Barry's Downtown Prime FHE

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E-345 Sympotico

• November 1st, 2020

More shows returning, Vital Victory, Sands for Sale and Circa

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E-344: Comma Placement

• October 18th, 2020

South Point shooting, Cosmopolitan Curfew, New Lake of Dreams, Bally's Brand bought, Encore Closes and the Boring Expansion

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